New Mexico Watershed and Dam Owners Coalition

New Mexico Watershed and Dam Owners Coalition (NMWDOC)

The New Mexico Watershed Coalition was formed in September 1997, as the result of discussions between organized watershed groups and conservationists concerned about inadequate funding sources and the need for total watershed approaches. Environmental, resource, and economic problems must be solved under local leadership with federal, state, and local agencies. In 2008 the Organization changed its name and bylaws and is now known as the New Mexico Watershed and Dam Owners Coalition (NMWDOC) and has expanded its role to include dam design, construction, operations, and safety efforts in New Mexico.


Safe and Effective Dams and Healthy Watersheds Managed to Achieve Ecologically Balanced Systems that Sustain Natural Resources and Protect the Public


Mission Statement of the NMWDOC

Support watershed protection and restoration, dam design, construction, operations and safety efforts in New Mexico with a strong unified voice through education and information sharing among watershed managers, dam owners, state and federal regulators, operators, designers, suppliers, and contractors.

Goals of the NMWDOC

To Improve and raise public awareness of dam safety and watershed health.

To educate and inform elected and appointed public offices of the issues impacting dams and watersheds.

Address common dam ownership and safety issues and watershed health in New Mexico.

Seek financial support for dam safety and improving watershed health.