New Mexico Watershed and Dam Owners Coalition

New Mexico Watershed and Dam Owners Coalition

Why Join NMWDOC?

In New Mexico, it is true that there are several, actually numerous varied groups that have an interest and are organized in one way or another toward dams, watersheds, water resources, or natural resources in some form or fashion. There are also many new groups forming to represent their particular watershed. However, all of these groups, by and large, have a single focus: water quality, ecosystem protection, threatened and endangered species, flood control, sediment control, public lands or private lands, a single river basin, watershed, or geographical priority area, and etc. Some are federal, some are state, some are local agencies, some are academic institutions, some are private concerned groups, and some are simply private landowners who are trying to get others to work together. Coordination, communication, and cooperation between some is good, and between others it is not so good. The New Mexico Watershed and Dam Owners Coalition is an organization and platform for understanding, problem (and solution) sharing, and representation by a higher, national level organization for all of New Mexico's groups that share common coordinated concerns without regard to separate interests or concerns. 

As a member of NMWDOC you will be able to participate in dialogue and issues pertaining to watersheds and dams.  You will also be added to our e-mail distribution and will be kept up to date on all NMWDOC related issues, upcoming legislative and Office of the State Engineer topics.


If you would like to Join NMWDOC, please complete the membership application

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