2019 Spring Conference Presentations

The 2019 spring conference presentations are now available, just click on the link to view the presentation (to view the presenters Bios, click HERE):

Update and Training on NRCS Dam Watch – Ayana Brown, Asst. State Conservation Engineer

Lessons learned from near failure of Two Mile Dam – Donald T. Lopez, PE and John C. Lommler, PhD, PE, D.GE

Seepage Concerns at Lake White Dam Prompts Emergency Response – Rob Kirkbride, PE

Advanced GIS Tools in Cutting Edge Watershed and 2D Hydraulic Modeling – Chris Naidu, PE

Moving from grey to green flood control infrastructure: Watershed initiative in the Hatch and Mesilla valleys – Connie Maxwell, NM WRRI grad. research asst., NMSU PhD cand., water sci, & man.

Uplift Considerations for Concrete Dams – Amanda Lopez, PE

Update on the Rio Grande Water Fund – Anne Bradley, The Nature Conservancy

Dams Do Fail – Larry Caldwell, PE

Experiences Developing Simple EAPs for Efficiency and Usability – Larry Caldwell, PE

Development of Early Warning Systems – John D. Gwynne, PE, CFM

El Vado Safety of Dams Project – Michael T. Vollmer, Bureau of Reclamation

Flood Control with a Twist – Daniel S. Aquirre, PE, CFM

How Safe is Safe: Contrasting Risks from Drinking Water with Stormwater Projects – Bruce Thomson, PhD, PE

State of the Forests and Watersheds – Laura McCarthy, State Forester

Dam Safety in New Mexico: Office of the State Engineer – John R. D’Antonio, Jr. PE, State Engineer

State of New Mexico Dams – Charles N. Thompson, PE, Dam Safety Bureau Chief

The In’s and Out’s & Do’s and Don’ts of Upper Watershed Erosion Control – Chuck Caruso, PE

Clean Water Act/Waters of the US (WOTUS) Update – Melanie A. Stansbury, Representative District 28