Stakeholder Questionnaire for Hydrologic Analysis Updates

Taking a break for the holidays? Do you have time to provide your two cents worth in a survey promoted by the Dam Safety Bureau?

The New Mexico Dam Safety Bureau in the Office of the State Engineer is beginning a project to follow up the Regional Extreme Precipitation Study that was completed with the Colorado Dam Safety branch in 2018. The next step is an examination of the state of the practice in hydrologic analysis with the goal of creating effective guidance for engineers that is tailored to New Mexico dams.

According to their website “The Dam Safety Bureau is updating its guidance for hydrologic analysis for spillways.  A questionnaire has been assembled for stakeholders to provide feedback to improve processes for this important design element”. The Bureau is particularly interested in feedback from New Mexico dam owners and engineers who have been involved in recent dam safety related activities in New Mexico. This is an important opportunity to influence future guidance that will have a direct impact on your professional activities.

You can access the questionnaire from their website at