Upcoming 2019 Joint NWC/NASCA Conservation Conference

Correspondence from Dan A. Sebert, Executive Director, National Watershed Coalition:

We just finished a successful NRCS Policy and Procedures session in conjunction with the NACD Summer meeting in Santa Fe. We have now turned our full attention to our NWC National Meeting September 29 through October 2, 2019 in Lexington, KY and I need your help! NWC registrations for this meeting have been coming in slowly and therefore low! A successful national meeting is important to our overall success. This year’s meeting is critical to set the stage the brighter future that is just ahead. Conference registration information can be found at http://www.conservationconference.com and I need your assistance in spreading the word and encouraging/motivating our watershed friends and constituents to attend.

The benefits of attending include speakers and presenters that will share information on Federal, State and local funding, multiple stream funding strategies and management, program policies and procedures for 2020 and beyond, applied technology for watershed inspection, operation and maintenance, new benefits data models and management, how to effectively message projects and their benefits and the very latest from NRCS concerning their current efforts to envision and revitalize the Watershed Program going forward. We are working to tie up loose ends and put the finishing touches on the program right now.

We are at an important and critical point in the Small Watershed Program right now! The recent funding success has refocused NRCS attention on the Program and it’s future. At this moment in Program history there is nothing more important than sponsor/partner input and participation in both utilizing the program and charting the course forward. The 2019 meeting is key in providing a forum for input and information exchange.

Please give NWC a few minutes of your time over the next few days by registering for the conference now and encouraging your watershed friends and associates to attend. Feel free to forward or share this email and direct the folks you feel would benefit or have an interest to http://www.conservationconference.com or http://www.watershedcoalition.org . We need your help in steering the program as well as making our conference at this critical time a success. Thanks in advance for your assistance! As always if you have questions feel free to email or call!